“Teach Scouts not how to get a living, but how to live.” - Baden Powell


Troop 312 in wholeheartedly appreciates your donation, every donation improves the quality and opportunity to each scout. We accept multiple types of donations though cash, check and VENMO. Learn more, scroll below.

  • CASH - Place into a sealed envelope.
    Write on the envelope: "Donation - (Referred Scout name)" and "(Fundraiser Name) #meals"

  • Checks - Make payable to "Boy Scout Troop 312".
    Write in the Memo: "Donation - (Referred Scout name)" and "(Fundraiser Name) #meals"

  • VENMO - Scan or Click the QR code below.
    Type in description when paying: "Donation - (Referred Scout name)" and "(Fundraiser Name) #meals"


Your contribution will provide better opportunities for all youth to be involved with troop activities and providing quality troop camping gear. As our troop grows, so does our need to purchase more patrol boxes and supplies.

Future Plans

  • Purchase a Troop Trailer

  • Youth scholarship fund for youth who can not afford the annual national BSA membership fee along with troop activities.

Scouts Raise Money

The troop hosts fundraisers every year to give opportunity to each scout to earn money for their annual summer camp and other activities. Sometimes they are not able to raise enough money, you can make a donation on behalf of a scout to insure they are able to attend life changing adventures like summer camp.

Thank you for your in-kind donation, it will definitely help us further the Boy Scouts of America program to give great opportunities to as many youth as possible.